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Watch Tamia as she discusses her album ‘Passion Like Fire’ as well as new single, “Leave It Smokin'” and more with New York’s Radio 103.9.

Video starts at 6:23.

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On May 15, 2018 R&B songstress Tamia held a private listening session for her forthcoming album ‘Passion Like Fire’ in New York City. During her conversation about the album and her career, host Rae Holliday asked Tamia if she could list her absolute favorite songs in her catalog. The decision was difficult for the singer as it is for most, but she was up for the challenge, listing the records that she MUST perform at every show that she does.

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Tamia is back!! She has released her new single “Leave it Smokin.” Check out the song below and purchase it at you participating music retailers.

Purchase on: iTunes

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Gallery Link:
» 2012 Photoshoot: Beautiful Surprise Promoshoot

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Share your Day One w/ Tamia! Submit your wedding or proposal video to

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Tamia announces her ‘Love Life’ tour. Looks like I’m finally going lto be able to see her in San Francisco!!!

Click the photo for a larger view.

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The R&B singer Tamia recently released her sixth studio album, Love Life, which also happens to be her highest charting album ever: No. 2 on Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and No. 1 on R&B Albums. Billboard chatted with the singer about the spurt of creativity that fueled the album’s creation, the stellar single “Sandwich And A Soda,” and her 20-year career as an R&B artist. (Read More…)

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Want to know what singer Tamia’s been up to since she released “Beautiful Surprise” in 2012? Or what it was like working with Brandy, Gladys Knight, and Chaka Khan on “Missing You” for the “Set it Off” soundtrack? Or how she balances being a mother to two little girls and the wife of NBA great Grant Hill, all while focusing on her career? Get the answers to these questions and more in this episode of “Where You Been?. (Read More…)

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*Behind The Song* #TBT edition. Watch as TAMIA takes VH1 through the making of her song with the legendary Quincy Jones, “You Put A Move On My Heart.” Click the photo to watch the video.

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When Tamia signed with Def Jam and “Sandwich and a Soda” released, many were left wondering if the bouncy, progressive r&b record would serve as a hint in the direction of her new album “Love Life”. However, with the release of the album, we see that Tamia really took things to another level overall; keeping her trademark Tamia vocals and sound, and mixing it with some progressive r&b vibes. The results are one of the best r&b albums in 2015 to date, and clearly some of Tamia‘s best work. Already treasured as one of the best in her generation, “Love Life” solidifies her legendary status and leaves us with a great body of work as she continues her journey. YouKnowIGotSoul sat down with Tamia at a promo event for her album release last week and discussed how she made “Love Life” some of her best work, recording the album in 10 days, keeping the music sexy but classy, and more.‎ (Read More…)

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